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We'll thoroughly look over your transmission and engine to verify that your vehicle meets state requirements.

Authorized State Auto Inspections

You don't have much choice about obeying state law, but you do have a choice of inspectors. Hudson's inspections are fast, affordable, and we'll provide a FREE shuttle.


Everybody multi-tasks these days. Since you already have to bring in your car to pass its Missouri inspection, why not combine that visit with a tune-up, oil change, or tire rotation?

If your inspection uncovers a problem that prevents your vehicle from passing, Hudson's Lakeside Auto Repair will provide the required paperwork, offer a FREE estimate, and conduct any repairs needed to be legal on the road.

Affordable safety and emissions inspections

Fair prices on repairs to meet compliance standards

While certifying your vehicle complies with the law, we may find another problem that threatens your safety.


If so, we'll let you know what's at risk, and your cost for needed repair.

ONLY $36 for both state inspections and compliance certificate.  

Stop in today!

  • Missouri state safety inspection — ONLY $12

  • Missouri state emissions inspection — ONLY $24

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