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Brand New Affordable Tires

If you're like most drivers, the only time you think about your tires is when one goes flat or blows out on the highway. At Hudson's Lakeside, we suggest you act before trouble strikes.


In Missouri, you need an all-season tire to keep your passengers safe. Since slow-leaking tires hurt your mileage, a full set of replacements will make your gas dollars last longer.

Hudson's Lakeside Auto Repair has no agreement with any tire maker. So our recommendations for you will factor in the quality of the tires and all manufacturers' current incentives. That means a great deal for you!

The brand that you want at a price you can afford

The best deals for you, not the manufacturer

Hudson's Lakeside Auto Repair orders in its new tires. With no stock to clear, we just suggest what's best. Let's talk tires! We'll order any brand and stay within budget.  


But tires are only half of the safety equation. See us also for brakes.



Oil change ($30-$35), tire rotation ($19.95) - Now get $9.95 DISCOUNT when you do oil change and tire rotation together.


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  • And many more ...

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